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Improbable Collapse Amaray Case
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The DVD includes a bonus 20 minute video about the New York City Fire Department radio scandal that received very little attention. Several cities still use these radios — and they still do not work! They continue to jeopardize the lives of the first responders. Based on the book Radio Silence F.D.N.Y.: The Betrayal of New York’s Bravest.

Behind the Scenes: Ground Zero (first edition – Last copy of the signed First Edition remain)

Cover image: Behind the Scenes: Ground Zero

A heartbreaking, inspirational collection of first-hand stories from the recovery effort at Ground Zero, along with a startling claim that the black boxes from Flights 11 and 175 were found.

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On page 108 comes the revelation:

“At one point I was assigned to take Federal Agents around the site to search for the black boxes from the planes. We were getting ready to go out. My ATV was parked at the top of the stairs at the Brooks Brothers entrance area. We loaded up about a million dollars worth of equipment and strapped it into the ATV. When we got into the ATV to take off, the agent accidentally pushed me forward. The ATV was already in reverse, and my foot went down on the gas pedal. We went down the stairs in reverse. Fortunately, everything was okay. There were a total of four black boxes. We found three.”

DeMasi’s 2003 statement precedes and contradicts the 9/11 Commission’s 2004 conclusion that explicitly states that the 4 black boxes were never recovered from Ground Zero.

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