Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan

For Improbable Collapse, KEVIN RYAN agreed to grant his first film interview since he was dismissed from his executive position at Underwriters Laboratories in 2004. The dismissal followed the public release of a letter Ryan wrote to Frank Gayle, a scientist in the World Trade Center fire investigation. Ryan asked Gayle to clarify the results of a UL fire test on behalf of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). In the test, steel structures similar to those used in the WTC were subjected to furnace fires for two hours, at temperatures higher than those presumed to have been reached in the Twin Towers on September 11th. The steel of the model floor trusses withstood the test easily, Ryan learned, and according to him this raised serious concerns about the NIST collapse hypothesis. A few days later, UL fired him because of the letter, which Ryan had written as an individual. UL claimed that he had appeared to speak on behalf of the company itself. (Photo: Mike Berger)

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More recently, Ryan has developed a critique of the NIST report in public presentations and works such as his recent paper, "Propping Up the War on Terror: Lies about the WTC by NIST and Underwriters Laboratories."