Jones, Hoffman & Griffin


Dr. Steven Jones

The film Improbable Collapse proceeds from an exclusive interview with Jones, a professor of physics at Brigham Young University. Jones argues that the mechanism of the building collapses proposed by US government investigators is extremely unlikely, hence the film title. This is his first film appearance on the issues he raises in his influential research paper, “Why Indeed did the WTC Buildings Collapse?”

Jones earned his physics degree at BYU, graduating magna cum laude with honors in 1973, according to his bio in Wikipedia. “Although the term cold fusion was coined by Jones in the 1980s, his experimental work was significantly different than the more controversial cold fusion experiments of Pons and Fleischmann.” Jones has also researched archaeometry (the science of archaeological dating) and is the inventor of a solar cooker that requires no power source to cook a meal other than the sun.





David Ray Griffin is a professor emeritus in the philosophy of religion and theology at the Claremont School of Theology in California. He is a co-director of the Center for Process Studies, and one of the foremost contemporary exponents of process theology, founded on the process philosophies of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne. (See his Wikipedia bio.)

911 Omissions and Distortions

Griffin is also one the foremost investigators of theories that dispute the official version of the events of Sept. 11th, 2001, and of claims that the attack plot originated from within the US military-intelligence complex. He has written two books on the subject of September 11th, The New Pearl Harbor and Omissions and Distortions: The 9/11 Commission Report (a.k.a. “A Critique of the Kean-Zelikow Report”).

Griffin at Cynthia McKinney Hearings
David Ray Griffin delivers testimony about the events of 9/11 at a Capitol Hill briefing to the Congressional Black Caucus, convened in August 2005 by Rep. Cynthia McKinney (right). Looking on is Michael Ruppert (left), author of Crossing the Rubicon.



A software engineer, Jim Hoffman has achieved breakthroughs in the application of scientific visualization to mathematics. His work in this field was featured in Science News, Scientific American and Nature. He also discovered new, three-dimensional morphologies for modeling the block co-polymers used in nanotechnology, and co-authored papers in Science and Macromolecules. He is co-author of a patent for an internal combustion engine with increased thermal efficiency. (See his Wikipedia bio)

Jim Hoffman

Hoffman pioneered research in the hypothesis that the WTC buildings were demolished and providing the inspiration to others who have pursued the same idea, including Steven Jones and David Ray Griffin. He is the editor of three meticulous and sprawling sites:, and

With Don Paul, who also appears briefly in the film, Hoffman is the co-author of Waking Up from Our Nightmare: The 9/11/01 Crimes in New York City.

Waking Up from our Nightmare