Dissident Officials for Truth


IMPROBABLE COLLAPSE includes statements by a number of people who have questioned official accounts of the September 11th events, and others who have fought for transparency, disclosure, accountability and justice. Though far from exhaustive, our sample group reveals that skepticism about official accounts of September 11th is found among people of every possible station, creed and political persuasion. They also sometimes differ in their opinions about 9/11, and how best to respond to it.



Hellyer was Defence Minister of Canada for most of the 1960s. He later founded the Canadian Action Party, and has been active as an opponent of weapons in space. Of the events of September 11th, he has said: “As a former Minister of National Defense, when the news came out I had to wonder. Why did airplanes fly around for an hour and a half without interceptors being scrambled from Andrews [Air Force Base]? I think the inquiry has been very shallow and superficial… At least to why some of the things happened that seem to be, for an ordinary person, inexplicable.” (more)



Hellyer is one of many former government members, elected officials and military officers, both in the US and abroad, who have raised doubts about September 11th. The following officials do not appear in the film, but deserve mention:
Cynthia McKinney, six-term member of the House from Georgia.Catherine Austin Fitts, asst. housing secretary in the Bush Sr. administration.Former Sen. Max Cleland, resigned from 9/11 Commission after calling it a “whitewash.”

Michael Meacher MP, former environment minister in the Tony Blair government.

Col. Robert Bowman USAF (ret.), a former director of US space weapons programs.

Andreas von Buelow, former science minister of Germany.

Gen. Anatoli Kornukov, commander-in-chief of Russian air forces on Sept. 11th.

Lt. Col. Steven Butler (ret.), vice chancellor of Defense Language Institute at Monterrey.

Paul Lannoye, Green member of the European Parliament from Belgium.



911 Truth Statement

Several of the officials named above signed the 911 Truth Statement, along with 100 other luminaries from many fields and 50 relatives of people who died on September 11th. The statement poses twelve questions ignored in the official 9/11 investigations and calls for a new investigation. Many thousands of people have signed the “Justice for 9/11” petition, which demands a grand jury be convened to investigate the unsolved crimes of September 11th.